Full Length Plays

Deux Femmes on the Edge de la Revolution (2W, 3M) 
In the midst of the world’s first successful slave revolt, two women form an unlikely alliance. Cécile, an enslaved healer of African nobility, and Valentine, a French woman sold into marriage to a plantation master, find themselves on the battle fields of San Domingue. In this violent, sensual, and spiritual world, they fight to preserve their pasts, protect their futures, andultimately gain freedom.
*Kilroys List 2017

Boat People (5W, 3M)
In 1980's Miami, FL the controversy over illegal immigrants is heating up, a young girl hiding the truth of who she is is forced to confront her identity, and a Haitian-American family risks losing the American Dream to protect a refugee/revolutionary who has the power to save the country he left behind.
*Kilroys List 2015

The Devil's Salt (5M, 2W)
As practiced by Haitian firebrand Jean Dominique, Agronomy, the science of soil management and crop production, becomes a dangerously revolutionary act. Alfred P. Sloan New Play Commission.

Fati's Last Dance (3W, 1M) 
Can an aging Ballet diva, a princely break dancer, a reality show reject, and Brazilian Guru move a sleeping beauty off the couch and into the spotlight? Fati's Last Dance is an off-beat comedy that tells the story of a young woman's journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance, and her family's gracefully awkward steps towards overcoming grief.

d gme of luv n chnc (3W, 3M) 
In an artificial world dominated by texts, tweets, blogs and pseudo-cyber celebrities, a blogger and her queen, a designer and his muse, unwillingly reveal their true identities in the name of love and human connection.

Floating Under Water (4M, 3W) 
On a remote island where lust and fantasy are sold, a young Haitian woman sets out on a journey to uncover the truth of her dark past. She is guided by a Goddess of the sea into a lush world of haunting and healing images that propel her to rise above the surface of emotional bondage, giving birth to an inner strength that had been silenced for years. Using the language of Haitain folklore, surreal imagery, and brutal realism, Floating Under Water is a story of redemption, empowerment, and forgiveness.

Ascension (3W, 2M) 
Ascension follows three generations of Haitian women on a spiritual journey, as they become enraptured by a very passionate yet dangerous Catholic priest. Through the visitation of spirits and their deep faith in family, the women attempt to piece together and lay to rest their complicated past. 

Silence of the Mambo (3W, 2M) 
Set in Haiti, 1986, one night before the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship. Silence of the Mambo follows the dangerous journey of a woman's fight to protect her family from Duvalier's merciless regime. Through the visitation of Vodun spirits, Silence of the Mambo spins a tragic tale of sacrifice, betrayal, and the bonds of family. 

One Act Plays

Showtime Blues (1w, 2M) 
A potentially dangerous encounter, and major train delays, force Demetrius and Ameira to confront their internalized prejudiced attitudes, and the realities of life as a moving target.

Risen From the Dough (2W)
Two Haitian-American women in a bakery kitchen prepare for the impending arrival of the health inspector while they grapple with grief, identity, and the complicated realities of immigrant life.

The Talk (2W)
A recently widowed, middle aged woman awakens her estranged daughter in the middle of the night to ask a wildly inappropriate question. But what begins as a contentious confrontation between mother and daughter - transcends into an honest and open dialogue about intimacy and identity between two women.

Bright Lights, Tent City (2M, 3W)
It is one year after the earthquake that devastated Port Au Prince, Haiti; what begins as another day at the Daihatsu Refugee Camp turns into a who's who media frenzy as the 2011 Presidential election gets underway. 

Freedom Sea (4W, 1M) 
Three sisters lost at sea risk life and limb to make it to the "promised land" – but what is the price of liberty? An avant-garde examination of the complex political, social, and historic relationships between Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. 

Noplace, Somewhere (2M, 1W) 
Katrina survivors, many years later, contemplate life elsewhere. 

Da Beat Trap (One Woman Show) 
Five woman, five decades, the hottest spot in town. Written and Performed by France-Luce Benson.

Film & TV

Wynwood Dreamers (Pilot) 
They are the keepers of their cultural legacies, and the passport to their families' American Dream. But this group of millennial “first-generationers”,  are creating their own identities. In the heart of Miami's hipster haven, Wynwood,  these artists are not only breaking new ground, but they are risking every thing to break down the political systems standing in their way.

SISTAS SLIM (Comedy Pilot)
Sandy is a "sistah" with some serious attitude, two sisters who always have her back, and a body that just won't keep her out of trouble...medical trouble, that is. On the brink of morbid obesity, Sandy will do whatever it takes to lose weight. When she and her sisters join the gym, they discover a world of spandex, parachute pants, big dreams, and bigger bulges. But once they start, they won't give up until they get their bodies...and their love lives back in shape.

Healing Roots (Feature length screenplay) 
In 1970's Haiti, a single mother battling cancer straddles a dangerous line between advanced Western medicine, and ancient voudou healing practices.
*Winner of Alfred P. Sloan Grant

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